9 Things To Do When Climate Change Makes You Anxious

The idea that our planet could no longer support life is scary.

Temperatures could rise to quite uncomfortable heights, integral animal and plant species could disappear never to be heard from again, the air could choke our very lungs. This debate over whether it is necessary to protect the environment makes no sense to me. If only Mother Nature could use words to communicate with us, she could scold the naysayers much like one would a child who doesn’t want to clean their room.
Our planet is able to sustain life via a network of systems. Systems work as long as they are healthy. Think of a clock. If you have seen one opened, you will notice that it has numerous wheels of different sizes that turn at different speeds to move the hands that mark the hours, minutes, and seconds of our lives at a certain pace so that we can reliably and specifically know whether it is day or night, morning, afternoon, or evening. Even though these wheels interact with each other, they are confined to an immediate interplay that does not directly affect most of the other wheels, and yet if even one wheel is not turning properly, the clock becomes unreliable. What makes our planet reliable works in much the same way, but is far grander, more numerous, complex, and more important.

We commonly accept the need to keep our immediate surroundings clean, because it affects our physical and mental health as well as our lifestyles. The same effect occurs at the global level.

I could go on and on though. If you are reading this, I probably do not need to explain the importance of the environment to you, because you are already properly aware. So aware, that it is hard to ignore. You might even be overwhelmed to a point of panic and restlessness.
1. Give yourself space to grieve. There are a lot of terrible occurrences in this world, and we may not be able to make things better. This is understandably upsetting.
2. Breathe. Once you have let out your feelings, take several deep breaths.
3. Hug your loved ones; pets included. For comfort, reassurance, and resolve.
4. Be grateful for the amazing experience you can still create for yourself and others. Cherish what we still have, make the most of things, and don’t give up.
5. Speak up about your thoughts on social media. Bonus points for tagging your specific political representatives.
6. Look at images of how beautiful the world still is.
7. Research and share what people are currently doing to make a difference.
8. If you are not already, look for ways to get involved. “We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.” Mother Teresa. A great way to lead is by example.
9. Be forgiving. To others as well as to yourself. A person can only do so much, for so long, before a break is needed. Also, we did not get to this point overnight nor through only one avenue, and it will take a huge cultural shift to bring about the kind of change that is needed. People are going to have to get a good kind of uncomfortable, the kind where positive growth occurs. We will have to take a long, hard look at our thoughts and actions. And that is not always easy.

I hope that following these steps helps you the way they helped me. Everyone is different though, so tell me what you think. Did you follow these steps? How did it turn out? Is there any action you can think of to add?
All the best,

7 Things I’ve Learned As A New Mom

My baby girl is 2 months old today. This is my first child. In this short time my life has changed abruptly. You might not think so but already there are things about motherhood I have learned, and I want to share them with you.

1. I will never be alone again. There is this tiny human depending on me for survival! I can no longer be selfish, and only think of myself.

2. Gross things like poop and pee and burping have become normal conversation between myself and my fiance. It’s just a normal part of life that everyone goes through.

3. I need more patience and will power. Patience when she’s crying. Willpower when I’m tired.

4. I can’t stay away. She was in the NIMC for almost a month, because she was a preemie, and I couldn’t stay away. I would feel sad when I had to go home, and I couldn’t wait to see her again. There’s just an immense bond. My heart is full.

5. Details. She really does have different cries. She has different latches on the bottle. There are different things that could make her uncomfortable physically. You learn how to hold her comfortably. A tiny shift in your arm could make all the difference.

6. Always be prepared. The baby will poop and pee while you are changing them, so always have the clean diaper ready just in case. Also have a clean change of clothes when you are out. On top of that, always have the diaper bag with you, even if you’re just going for a quick errand.

7. I am a new person. Because of all of these things and more, I have a brand new identity. I am now a mother. Sure, there are many other things that I am as well. In life we have different roles, and the role of motherhood has added so much to mine.

Til next time, Brave Warriors.

All the best,